How Will EMV Affect EBT Payments? Or Will It?

The U.S. payments system is currently following a roadmap that will eventually result in adoption of a new security standard for debit cards called EMV. But what is EMV? And how will it affect EBT?

 In this session you’ll hear from the two biggest players on the EMV roadmap, Visa and MasterCard, on their thoughts about what you, as EBT professionals, should be aware of in the coming months. These five include:

  • How do brands like Visa and MasterCard look at EBT with respect to EMV?
  • Given EBT’s unique requirements how will EBT or Electronic Payment Cards be affected by the switch to EMV?
  • Will the migration to EMV create any particular routing issues with respect to EBT or EPC transactions?
  • How to we best educate EBT or EPC cardholders about the migration to EMV.
  • Given the size of EBT programs in relation to total market for U.S. electronic payments, does EBT really need to migrate to chip technology?

If  you’re an EBT director, processor, or technologist, you won’t want to miss this session on the biggest ATM/POS change since electronic data capture.

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