Get Ready for EBT - The Next Generation 2014

Activity is cranking up on EBT - The Next Generation, the 2014 variety.

This year's conference will be held November 2-4, 2014 at the beautify Sheraton Sand Key on Clearwater Beach, Florida.

This year's agenda is close to completion. For 16 years the hallmark of EBT - The Next Generation has been the availability of information you won't find anywhere else. This year is no exception.

Four workshops. Three plenary sessions. 12 breakout sessions. Plus two social events, a technology showcase, and tons of networking time. They'll be the most valuable 10-hour days you'll spend this year!

A prior attendee of the show? Watch your mailbox in the next few weeks for all of the important details, as well as a preview of this year's agenda.

See you in Clearwater Beach!

EBT-The Next Generation Is Still Open for Business!

EBT-The Next Generation Is Still Open for Business!
An open letter from the eGPC State Forum to our state partners in the EBT Community regarding the current shutdown of government services

Since October 1st, the EBT community has been challenged by the federal government shutdown, which is about to enter its 3rd week. Many of you have raised questions about the status of EBT-The Next Generation. Specifically some of you have wondered whether the conference will be postponed or even cancelled due to the shutdown.

The eGovernment Payments Council would like you to know that the answer to this question is an unequivical no.  In the 16-year history of the conference, we have never chosen to cancel or postpone a conference. Even in 2001, when the conference was scheduled a mere 55 days after the terrible events of 9-11, the show went on. In 2005, following the epochal floods in along the Gulf Coast, due to hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the show went on. So it will this year.

This year's show is filled with groundbreaking sessions offering practical advice on a number of aspects of EBT. We look forward to seeing you there. 

Finally, at this point the government room block is sold out. Our advice to state staff is to not cancel your room reservation at this point unless or until you are certain you are not attending. It will be difficult to get back into the hotel if your plans change again and you decide to attend. 

The federal shutdown of government has been an inconvenience to many people but not a show-stopper as far as EBT-The Next Generation is concerned. 

We hope you're as excited about NextGen as we are to bring it to you. 
We'll see you in San Diego!

If you need assistance with registration or have questions, contact Brita Price at +1 605-271-8494

How Will EMV Affect EBT Payments? Or Will It?

The U.S. payments system is currently following a roadmap that will eventually result in adoption of a new security standard for debit cards called EMV. But what is EMV? And how will it affect EBT?

 In this session you’ll hear from the two biggest players on the EMV roadmap, Visa and MasterCard, on their thoughts about what you, as EBT professionals, should be aware of in the coming months. These five include:

  • How do brands like Visa and MasterCard look at EBT with respect to EMV?
  • Given EBT’s unique requirements how will EBT or Electronic Payment Cards be affected by the switch to EMV?
  • Will the migration to EMV create any particular routing issues with respect to EBT or EPC transactions?
  • How to we best educate EBT or EPC cardholders about the migration to EMV.
  • Given the size of EBT programs in relation to total market for U.S. electronic payments, does EBT really need to migrate to chip technology?

If  you’re an EBT director, processor, or technologist, you won’t want to miss this session on the biggest ATM/POS change since electronic data capture.

For more information on EBT--the Next Generation 2013, or to register, click here

Don't forget--advanced registration for EBT--the Next Generation ends tomorrow, Oct. 4, 2013. Here is a sneak preview of the final agenda.

Sunday, November 3rd
12:00-7:00pmRegistration Desk Open
Next Generation Orientation: The Secrets to Getting the Most Out of EBT-The Next GenerationEvery year 30% of EBT—NextGeneration attendees are “newbies.” If you are one of them, we welcome you! NextGen can seem bewildering. It is like no other conference—all EBT, all the time. To help you make the most of your NextGen experience, we offer a 30-minute “orientation” session to help you get acquainted with the conference. In this session, you’ll learn: - How the conference is organized
- How to lay out your NextGen “Roadmap” to make sure you get to all of the sessions you want to attend
- The various locations within the hotel where sessions will be held
- Who the other attendees are
- Opportunities to “network” with other attendees
- How to get copies of NextGen presentations
- Where to go for help if you need something
Again, we welcome you to EBT—the NextGeneration and want to make your experience here a worthwhile and pleasant one.
Speaker:  Bob Bucceri, General Partner, Chaddsford Planning and Associates 
 Pre-Conference Workshops
Workshop 1: Back to Basics: Understanding How EBT Works: EBT 101This popular workshop provides a strong foundation for understanding the terms, the technology and the applications of electronic benefits transfer and electronic services delivery. A must for EBT newbies!
Leader:  Cheryl Owens, Director, MAXIMUS
Workshop 2: Back to Basics: Understanding How Debit WorksOver the last ten years, government agencies have moved cash benefits and payments from checks to direct deposit and branded debit cards.  Today, nearly every state child support program use branded debit card to disburse support payments, as well as state human service agencies such as workforce services, unemployment insurance, and subsidized child care.  This workshop provides a foundation in understanding how branded debit cards work, and explores where debit card programs are going in the future, and how government programs can take advantage of these future enhancements.
Leader: Laura Rosenak, Senior Vice President, MAXIMUS

2:00-2:30pmCoffee Break & Vendor Exhibits Open
2:30-4:00pmWorkshop 3: How to Get Ready for WIC EBT and Ensure a Successful Transition from Paper to PlasticWith a 2020 mandate for WIC EBT, what does your Agency need to do to prepare?  Where do you begin? What is the process?  What goes first- MIS or eWIC system? How do you prepare clinics and vendors for EBT?   This workshop covers these topics and more to provide an understanding of what needs to occur to ensure your Agency is on the path for WIC EBT.
- Misi Huntley, VP, WIC EBT Specialist, JPMorgan
- Ellen Thompson, Director, MAXIMUS
Workshop 4: SNAP and WIC EBT Program IntegrityThe migration from paper to plastic introduces new opportunities and challenges for compliance promotion and enforcement.  This workshop will describe the state-of-the-art and new initiatives for fighting fraud and abuse in the EBT world.
- Art Burger, President, Burger Carroll and Associates
- Stan Bien, WIC Director, Michigan
Conference Begins
4:45-5:00pmWelcome Remarks
- John Pfeuffer, Chairman, eGPC
- Kurt Helwig, President & CEO, EFTA
5:00-6:00pmPlenary I:  Keynote Address: Electronic Payments in the 21st Century: Managing Change in a Business that Never Stops ChangingJohn MacAllister is a long-time veteran of the electronic payments industry. He has worked with banks, processors and retailers in establishing the networks and payment infrastructure we all use today. His “TrendWatch” publication is one of the best sources of payment news aggregation and analysis in the industry. His background with EBT goes back to the 1980s.  An accomplished speaker, John will look and the many changes taking place in the industry today—mobile, EMV and others—and sort out what it all means for EBT practitioners.
Presenter: John MacAllister, Principal, Dorado Industries
6:00pm-7:00pmWelcoming Reception in Exhibit Hall
Sponsored by the Electronic Funds Transfer Association (EFTA)
Monday, November 4th
7:30am-5:00pmRegistration Desk Open
7:30-8:30amContinental Breakfast & Vendor Exhibits Open
8:30-8:45amWelcome Remarks
- John Pfeuffer, Chairman, eGPC
- Kurt Helwig, President & CEO, EFTA
8:45-10:00amPlenary II:  Front Page Focus: Managing Projects as Technology ChangesLong a NextGen staple, Front Page Focus this year puts down its traditional look at EBT policy in favor at a look at changes in both WIC and SNAP over the last year. The session will take an in depth look at projects that have been implemented over the last year—the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Moderator: Bob Bucceri, General Partner, Chaddsford Planning Associates, LLCPanelists:
- John Pellettier, Director, Business Development, Xerox
- Cary Jeffers, Director of Product Management, FIS
- Andy Mastrino, VP Senior EBT Product Manager, JP Morgan
10:00-10:30amCoffee Break & Vendor Exhibits Open
Breakout Session 1: Program  Integrity:  What We Know and What We Don't KnowGovernment and industry experts discuss the tools we have and those we still need to fight abuse in SNAP and WIC by retailers, program staff and participants.  [The final 15 minutes of this session will be devoted to a Q&A for COVERT ACTION participants].
COVERT ACTION: A Simulation-based Training Game
A group of federal, state and industry experts have developed this fun but challenging gaming exercise to give Next Generation attendees hands-on experience in spotting non-compliance cases in SNAP and WIC EBT.  Players will be placed on teams to balance expertise (so don’t worry if you are a novice).  In the1st round, teams will pour over realistic data and complaints to select cases for investigation.  Each team will have a budget for investigations, which will have varying costs.  In the 2nd round, teams will receive the results of their investigations and will select among various corrective action strategies (e.g. training, disqualify, fine, prosecute, etc.), which also have varying costs.  Teams score points for good case selection and corrective action while staying within their budget.  Prizes will be awarded to the highest scoring team(s).  Complete the “Application to be a COVERT Agent” that’s a part of the registration package to get in on this fun way to learn.
Moderator: Art Burger, President, Burger Carroll and Associates
Speakers:- Fran Hawkins, Branch Manager, Kentucky
- Brian Armstrong, Detective Supervisor, State of Arizona
Breakout Session 2: What You Need to Know about Managing the Conversion to a New SNAP Contractor 
Conversion is the imminent stage after the RFP is completed and the contract is inked:  - Where do you begin? What really takes place? What are the risks? And why does it take so blooming long to do?
This workshop will explore the conversion process, the desired outcomes, and the effects on the many Stake holders (Clients, Staff, Retailers, Processors, FNS and more). We will present guiding information for those who have never been through a vendor conversion, or for those who haven’t had one recently. We would like to demystify the process, emphasize the items to watch closely, and the measures you can take to ensure a smooth transition. Moderator: Cary Jeffers, Director of Product Management, FIS
- Jeri Flora, Director, Economic Self-Sufficiency, State of Florida
- Karen Painter-Jaquess, Director, State Systems Office, FNS
- Jason Boswell, Director of Program Management, Xerox
- Kathy Ottobre

11:45am-12:30 pmLunch
Breakout Session 3: Five Things EBT Professionals Need to Know About EMVThe American payments industry is embarking on an effort to fundamentally change how electronic payment transactions are secured at the point of sale. The shift from basic magnetic-stripe/PIN security to EMV, a security protocol that uses smart cards, will not be quick and it will not be painless. It will affect consumers, retailers, banks and ATMs. Although the direct effect of EMV on EBT transactions is undefined at this point, one thing is clear. EBT cardholders will be sharing countertop and ATM technology that is undergoing the most fundamental shift in decades. This session will identify what EMV is, how it may be implemented, and what effect, if any, it may have on your EBT programs.
Moderator: Bob Bucceri, General Partner, Chaddsford Planning Associates, LLC
- Carolyn Balfany, Group Head, MasterCard
- Marla Bischoff, Visa
- Peter Quadagno, Partner, Bank Solutions Group
Breakout Session 4:What You Need to Know about Implementing WIC EBT with an Existing WIC MIS SystemWith the looming 2020 mandate and limited funding, states are increasingly facing the reality that they may have to implement e-WIC alongside their current WIC-IS.  Hear from veterans who have successfully implemented e-WIC with an existing WIC-IS.
Moderator: Johnny Sena, Director of WIC Product Development, CDPSpeakers:
- Joni Sherry, Project Coordinator, Wyoming
- Chris Hardbord, WIC Program Manager, J.P.Morgan
- Lisa Donohew, Crossroads Project Manager, West Virginia
Breakout Session 5: How USDA is Improving Recipient Integrity in the SNAP ProgramThe Food and Nutrition Service will provide the latest updates on several recipient integrity initiatives that began in FFY 2013 including but not limited to; data mining, state assessments, and new contracts.  Since all the initiatives are in the data gathering phase, FNS will provide updates on how USDA is improving recipient integrity in the SNAP program and the long term goals of the program.
Speaker:  Veronica Brown, Program Analyst, FNS USDA
Breakout Session 6: Case Study: Self Check Out for WIC Shoppers
Self check out (SCO) is fast and convenient for WIC EBT participants. Hear from pioneering SCO states, Michigan and Kentucky, as well as national retailer Kroger, on how this was implemented, the success in various WIC EBT online and offline states and the overall acceptance of SCO in WIC EBT.
Moderator: Dawn Cooley, Director, Card Services, Xerox
Speakers:- Fran Hawkins, Branch Manager, Kentucky
- Laurie Perrelli, WIC System Requirements Manager, Michigan
- Jennifer Simpson, Corporate Government Benefits Manager, The Kroger Co
3:05-3:35pmCoffee Break & Vendor Exhibits Open
The Technology is Changing: Welcome to the Technology ShowcaseAdvances in technology help us do our jobs more effectively and introduce opportunities for efficiencies and enhanced customer experiences. Join technology experts for presentations and demonstrations of secure payment technologies (such as EMV, NFC and others), as well as explore multi-modal communication methods (including SMS, email, inbound and outbound) that improve the customer experience, and the delivery of information to beneficiaries.This will be an informative and interactive session covering payment technologies available today and into the future.
Moderator: Kathleen Synstegaard, Regional Sales Manager, DataCard Group
- Marty Hopper, Sr. Sales & Business Development Manager, VeriFone
- Philip Andreae, Director Field Marketing, Payments, NA, Oberthur Technologies
- Josh Wiles, President, Novo Dia Group
6:00-10:00pmEvening Event:  TBA
Sponsored by Charter Sponsors
Tuesday, November, 5th
7:30am-4:30pmRegistration Desk Open
7:30-8:30amContinental Breakfast & Vendor Exhibits Open
Plenary III:  What Recent EBT Projects Mean for Filling Good Nutrition GapsSNAP is the nation's first line of defense against hunger and is a vital supplement to the monthly food budget of millions low-income individuals. Nearly half of SNAP participants are children and more than 40 percent of recipients live in households with earnings. USDA's Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) oversees the administration of 15 nutrition assistance programs, including the Summer Food Service Program and other child nutrition programs, that touch the lives of one in four Americans over the course of a year. These programs work in concert to form a national safety net against hunger. In response USDA, states, the EBT industry, retailers and non-profit stakeholders have undertaken innovative pilots that bolster nutrition for low-income children and families.  This session will focus on USDA's continuing efforts to improve SNAP recipients' access to healthy foods and recent projects that use EBT for delivering nutrition benefits. Specifically the panel will discuss pilots that use EBT for delivering nutrition benefits to children during the school vacation months and recent projects that provide SNAP shoppers with incentives for purchase of fruits and vegetables at supermarkets.  Both of these approaches aim to address serious gaps in low income Americans' consistent access to good nutrition.  Only one in seven of the children who rely on free or reduced price meals during the school year are served by USDA's Summer Nutrition Programs.  That's a gap of more than 16 million children.  According to USDA research interviews with SNAP participants, "nearly all emphasize that they would shop differently-buying fresh vegetables instead of frozen, or leaner cuts of meat or fish-if their food budgets permitted."  Learn about how EBT projects play a role in addressing these good nutrition gaps and hear about the policy outlook for bringing such efforts to scale.
ModeratorAndrea Gold, Director Retailer Policy & Management, USDA FNS
Speakers:- EllenVollinger, Legal Director, FRAC
- Marissa Kirk-Epstein, Project Coordinator, USDA FNS

- Bill Kelly, Director, Xerox
- Frank Martinez Nocito, Director, Healthy Incentives Pilot, Massachusetts
9:45-10:15amCoffee Break & Vendor Exhibits Open
10:15-11:30amBreakout Session 7:  Why Prepaid Debit Cards Just Make Good SenseThis session will explore the benefits of moving TANF from EBT to a prepaid debit card and what other programs can be implemented on the prepaid platform.  States are moving slow in adopting the use of a reloadable prepaid debit card for TANF benefits, limiting access to these vital benefits.  Prepaid debit cards offer the same blocking, reporting and expungement capabilities that EBT currently provides today, so why are States hesitant to move to a debit card solution?  Join us as we discuss how a prepaid solution benefits both the government agency and the citizens it serves and learn what other States are doing in the prepaid arena.
Moderator: Al Rios, EBT Director, New York
Robert Riddle, Vice President Business Development, SMI
- Teri Rietfort, Regional Director, Xerox
Breakout Session 8: HowTeamwork Can Improve Disaster Recovery ResultsDisaster SNAP, WIC and USDA Child NutritionPrograms all have the capacity to provide vital relief to families and communities hard hit by hurricanes, floods and other disasters. Responding effectively to the needs of disaster victims takes teamwork, by USDA, States, EBT industry, retailers, and non-profit stakeholders.  Hear about new initiatives for disaster preparedness, particularly the "Buddy States" and "Cross-State" Disaster Services and Support strategies spearheaded by the EBT Disaster Services Work Group (DSWG).  Joining the speakers for the question and answer portion of the session will be additional state government and industry members of the EBT DSWG. Moderator: Ellen Vollinger, Legal Director, FRAC
Non-Profit Stakeholder Perspective:
Ellen Vollinger, Legal Director, FRAC 
- Joel Savell, eServices Coordinator, Mississippi
- Karen Powell, Policy Director, Mississippi

 "Buddy States" and "Cross-State" Disaster Services and Support:
- Scott Barnette, EBT Manager, Colorado
- Connie Reinhardt, Government Market Solutions Manager, Early Warning Services
- Cary Jeffers, Director of Product Management, FIS
Industry Awards Presentations 
Conference Wrap – Looking Forward to 2014
Breakout Session 9: How to Comply with the TANF Restriction Law without TearsThe Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 requires states to “maintain policies and practices” to restrict benefit access or risk having their TANF funding reduced by five per cent.  The Federal legislation is effective in February 2014 and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families is currently working on guidance addressing the implementation of the new policies.
Join this panel of State, and Industry experts to discuss the restriction on the use of TANF benefits at locations such as liquor stores gambling establishments, and adult entertainment clubs.  What are states, their EBT contractors and industry partners doing to meet these requirements?  This panel will discuss the challenges, as well as proposed policies, procedures, and strategies to comply with relevant elements of the new Federal legislation.Moderator:
- Scott Barnette, EBT Manager, Colorado
Speakers:- Arjean Travis, EBT/EFT Contracts Administrator, Washington State
- Keith Miller, EBT Fraud Manager, J.P.Morgan
- Cary Jeffers, Director of Product Management, FIS
Breakout Session 10:NUPCDB:  What is it and When will it be Here?  A national UPC database for WIC EBT has been a goal of FNS since the late 1990s.  With a dedicated team working on it, it may be closer now than you think. Find out the status of NUPCDB and how you can expect it to work.
Moderator: Louise Meyer, Executive Director, JPMorgan
- Lisa Donohew, Crossroads Project Manager, West Virginia
- Josh Wiles, President, Novo Dia Group
- Jazette Johnson, Compliance Coordinator, Oregon
2:30-3:00pmCoffee Break & Vendor Exhibits Open  
3:30-4:30pmBreakout Session 11: Five Things You Should Know About Debit Cards and RegulationOver the last five years, prepaid debit card programs have come under increasing scrutiny by regulators and Congress. Our panel will take a look at how regulators view prepaid programs, including government-sponsored programs like unemployment insurance and child support payment programs, as well as some recent research on prepaid and debit that may surprise—and shock you!
Moderator: Bob Bucerri, General Partner, Chaddsford Planning and Associates 
Speaker:  Dennis Ambach, Government Affairs Director, EFTA 
Breakout Session 12: Now You can Have Mobile Wallet at Farmers Markets without High CostsWith evolving mobile technology, let’s take a look at how mobile wallets are working at farmers markets. With the current pricing of mobile wallet transactions, this new technology has the potential to allow more markets and farmers to process transactions a lower cost than traditional venues. Hear from actual Iowa farmers who use Dwolla mobile wallets, as well as a Dwolla representative who can provide insight to where and how mobile wallets could impact our business environment.
Moderator: Jan Walters,  Owner, Jan Walters Consulting
- Larry Cleverley, Farmer, Cleverley Farms
- Nicole Cook, Business Development, Dwolla

Firing Up the NextGen Publicity Machine

Time to dust off the EBT The Next Generation Publicity Machine. It's been a long winter. Don't think we haven't been working on this year's conference. We started a month after the 2012 NextGen event ended and we've been working ever since. You'll see a slightly different conference come this November-one focused more on usable, actionable information. This morning I just reviewed the draft graphics for this year's show. Again, they're different that the approaches we've taken in the past. There's still some work to do on them, but I like what I saw. I'm excited to unveil them to our core cadre of NextGen followers.

Keep your browser set to this page. It's gonna be fun!

It Is Balloon!

Good news, NextGen campers! We'll have balloon glow rides available Monday night during the our networking event. Meet someone new under the gondola! Check at the registration desk.

Early Registration Ends Oct. 4

We're getting down to it! Early bird registration for EBT-The Next Generation ends this Thursday, October 4. Save $100 by clicking here.  See you at the show!